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After Rave

After Rave x2

After Rave x2

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After-Rave is a dietary supplement designed to counteract the side effects of psychoactive substances used recreationally - usually in nightclubs and music events. Its composition allows you to significantly reduce the harmfulness of these compounds.

It is a modern complex of 11 active ingredients that reduces the unpleasant state of descent and accelerates recovery even after the hardest event.

After Rave has undergone microbiological and heavy metal tests.

After Rave is a supplement that we created primarily for ourselves - We tested it on ourselves and our loved ones for several months. 

We want to make sure that we only buy the best quality.

That's why we check each batch of the After Rave supplement in an accredited J. S. Hamilton laboratory.

We test the supplement to make sure it does not contain bacteria and heavy metals.

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