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What is AfterRave?

After Rave is a combination of 11 active ingredients that have been used for years in the USA and other developed countries to reduce the troublesome effects of oxidative stress and serotonin deficiency resulting from the consumption of psychoactive substances, including alcohol, stimulants and empathogens during a rave, festival or events.

What ingredients does After Rave have?

After Rave is a complex of 11 active ingredients to protect your brain, nervous system and liver, accelerating the body's detoxification and reducing the risk of feeling unwell . COMPOSITION AND DOSAGE

How to dose After Rave?

Suggested ideal use for After Rave:

The day before the event:
1st serving (4 tablets): the day before the party, before bed (optional).

Event day:
2nd serving (4 tablets): take it before going to bed
After the party - this is a key dose for your condition "the day after".

The day after the party
3rd serving (4 tablets): take it after waking up, after sleeping off the party. Take a third serving of After Rave - preferably together with electrolytes, magnesium and a nutritious meal. If necessary, you can continue for another 2-3 days.

How long does one package last?

One package is enough for seven parties.

Is After Rave suitable for vegans?

Of course.

Can I safely take various medications while taking your supplement?

Remember that taking psychoactive substances is not safe, but if you decide to do so, make sure you do it responsibly and try to reduce the harm to a minimum. Go to the "KNOWLEDGE BASE " tab

Why is there no 5htp in the composition?

HTP is considered a hazardous substance by GIS and EFSA. Therefore, it is not used in dietary supplements. 5-HTP mixed with psychoactive substances may lead to the so-called "serotonin syndrome", which is very dangerous and can even lead to death. In 2017, the Supreme Audit Office included 5-HTP on the list of 38 supplements containing banned substances. In the opinion of the expert appointed during the Supreme Audit Office audit, 5-HTP was questioned. The justification reads: 'as a serotonin precursor, it may interact with drugs, including agents used in the treatment of migraine as well as in the treatment of mental disorders/diseases. Additionally, consuming 5-HTP may cause irritability, irritability, manic-like symptoms, and depression.” Unfortunately, that's not all... 5-HTP reaches the brain much faster than L-Tryptophan. The only problem is that only 1% of 5-HTP actually reaches it. 5-HTP leads to a faster release of serotonin, but this level drops just as quickly, which causes the desire to reach for another pill, i.e. the pattern from the party night is repeated. And this is close to addiction. It is extremely irresponsible to supplement 5-HTP every day (!). In addition, the body uses L-tryptophan to produce vitamin B3, serotonin, and dopamine. L-Tryptophan is also a natural amino acid found in food. 5-HTP – no. It is produced synthetically. That's why at After Rave we use L-Tryptophan, which does not cause side effects and is not addictive. A broader discussion of the harmful effects of 5-HTP (including links to research) is available in the Knowledge Base on our website

Can After Rave be taken with alcohol?

After Rave is a dietary supplement that does not contain ingredients that have a harmful interaction with alcohol.

What are the contraindications to the use of After Rave?

After Rave supplementation is not recommended when: – you are taking antidepressants, opioid painkillers, sedatives or other drugs that affect the central nervous system, – you are pregnant or breastfeeding, – you are allergic to any of the ingredients. In the above-mentioned situations, consult your doctor before starting supplementation.

How long can After Rave be stored?

You will find the expiration date on the packaging. It depends on the production date. It is at the bottom of the bottle.

Can taking After Rave cause serotonin syndrome?

Using After Rave as directed does not cause the risk of serotonin syndrome. Due to the high content of L-Tryptophan, you should not take the supplement during treatment with antidepressants. After Rave should not be taken simultaneously with psychoactive substances. The minimum interval that should be maintained when using After Rave is 6 hours before taking psychoactive substances and 2 hours after taking them.

Can After Rave be purchased by people under 18?

After Rave is intended for consumption by persons over 18 years of age.

What can I do if I feel I have a problem with psychoactive substances?

The mission of After Rave is to make people who use psychoactive substances aware that if they decide to take this step, they should do it responsibly. We have no influence on your choices. We are categorically and firmly against using psychoactive substances. However, if you decide to do so, our mission is to provide you with the knowledge to reduce as much as possible the damage caused by using stimulants. Remember, no use of psychoactive substances is safe, regardless of the dose. ALWAYS test your substances and avoid them if you can. If you use them, check out our knowledge and 12 steps of harm reduction. Follow this link HARM REDUCTION

What should I do if I have a problem with stimulants?

If you are looking for help and feel that your use of stimulants is getting out of control. Don't delay - contact a specialist who can help you, it's not too late. Find information on the Social Drug Initiative website. Go to this link HTTPS://SIN.ORG.PL/SZUKASZ-POMOCY/

Where can I buy tests to check my substance?

Drug quality testing is important for those who want to minimize the risks associated with drug use. There are several types of tests to determine the presence of specific psychoactive substances and their purity. Below is information about the types of tests and the test provider we have verified https://protestkit.pl/sklep/Rodzaje TestsMarquis reagent: Helps identify the presence of MDMA, amphetamine and a number of other substances, among others. The color change of the reagent when a sample of the substance is added indicates the presence of specific chemicals.Ehrlich Reagent: Used to test for the presence of tryptamines such as LSD, DMT. This reagent changes color when it comes into contact with substances containing the indole group.Where to Buy TestsTests can be purchased from specialized online stores offering harm reduction accessories, such as protestkit.co.uk which offers a wide range of tests for various psychoactive substances. The site also offers instructions on how to use the tests safely and effectively. Among the wide range you can buy tests:test for MDMA puritytest for LSDtest for cocaine purityAlways carefully read and follow the instructions that come with the test.Remember that even tests do not give 100% assurance of the safety of the substances used. The safest option is to avoid drugs.Using tests is a form of harm reduction that helps reduce the risks associated with psychoactive substance use.Harm ReductionHarm reduction is an important part of substance use safety. In addition to testing substances, it is important to educate yourself about the effects, dosage and potential risks. Harm reduction organizations often offer not only testing, but also important educational resources.In summary, drug tests are an important tool in harm reduction strategies. They are available online and allow users to take a more informed approach to using psychoactive substances.