Out of passion for rave. Out of respect for your health

The story of After Rave began a few years ago. Like you, we are young people who love electronic music. Parties and festivals are an integral part of our rave culture. Also foreign ones. One of them became an opportunity for us to confront our "Polish" party habits with "worldly" ones.

And you know what caught our attention?

That the people from California whom we met there and with whom we spent time both at parties and while relaxing at the campsite, consumed handfuls of some pills, carefully observing the schedule of taking them, and washed them down with a certain amount of water with dissolved magnesium and electrolytes.

It looked like they had everything planned. We were curious what it was about, but the matter seemed too personal and delicate to ask. We guessed that they were drugs rather than stimulants.


We tried it on ourselves

Mega-intrigued, however, we gave up while preparing for the last day of the festival. We asked them what they were taking, and it turned out how little we know about prevention and safe partying.

It turned out that our new friends were taking supplements which, according to what they said, were supposed to protect the brain and nervous system against the negative effects of the party marathon, accelerate the body's detoxification, help with falling asleep - generally speaking - to be a cure for the "comedown" in our in culture, commonly called "the reunion", "the hangover", "the descent", or more delicately, "the day after".

We didn't want to believe this fairy tale about a miracle hangover supplement. We knew that after the party we just had to suffer, because "these are the effects of drinking vodka."

In fact, there were already several supplements of this type on the Polish market, but it is still not known whether they work or not. And besides, they are relatively expensive for only 3 tablets.

We were surprised by the substantive knowledge of our friends about the mechanism and advantages of using supplements that accelerate regeneration and detoxification after the event.

Healthy and legal

It turned out that post-party supplements have been known in the USA for years and are very popular among young people. At the largest events and festivals, there are stands selling such supplements, manned by trained volunteers who are ready to raise awareness and provide help in emergencies.

We learned that there are many organizations in the US that cooperate with the government and spread knowledge in this area. At that time, there were no organizations in Poland such as the Social Drug Policy Initiative or the Polish Drug Policy Network that educated on harm reduction. They shared with us not only their knowledge and experience, but also the congress supplement itself.

Anyone who has been to the four-day festival surely knows that it is a hard time for the body. Little sleep, a lot of physical and mental fatigue, sleeping in hot tents, and food that is not considered healthy. After such an event, when your emotions subside and you return to everyday life, you can feel distraught and depressed for up to a week. The person feels uncomfortable and has a foggy mind. Typical post-party reunion - nothing new or surprising.

Coming back to the topic of that festival and its finale. Well, we woke up well after noon, realizing that the magical time of the party was over and that we had to return to reality and take on all the consequences of the previous days.

The first thing that surprised us was that we woke up even well rested and quickly set about assembling the tents, getting to the airport and all the logistics of returning to the country. Without the typical symptoms of "brain fog", embarrassing disorientation, poor well-being, "hanging up" and complete lack of understanding that we expected from ourselves. We wondered whether we were just having a better day or whether it was the effect of the supplement.

Proven, effective

After two years, we encountered "rave supplements" again at one of the festivals. This time we took the doses exactly according to the manufacturer's instructions, the day before and the day after - and already then we were sure that it worked and that we wanted more people in Poland to take care of reducing health damage after events in this way. We engaged Asia, who is the co-founder of the After Rave project, in the project. We started talking to biotechnicians and reviewed scientific research to find confirmation that the composition of the supplement is completely safe, effective and legal. We significantly expanded our knowledge, tested the product on ourselves and our friends, and finally found a manufacturer and introduced After Rave to the Polish market.